Afrimalt is a non-alcoholic malt drink with a natural refreshing flavour


Afrimalt ® presents a refreshing non-alcoholic beverage that has a delicious flavour.

Afrimalt has a very distinctive taste that appeals to people of all walks of life.   It is ideal for people of all ages.  Afrimalt is a non-alcoholic beverage that contains various nutrients to ensure that your drink is vitamin-packed with natural barley malt and natural sugars.  It combines the taste of a nutritious malt drink with the refreshment of an energising soft drink.

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For this drink to be of the highest quality, our selected raw materials were chosen with the utmost care. Afrimalt naturally contains Vitamin B complex that provides energy and stamina for all who drink it resulting in a revitalised and refreshed feeling.
The malt is refined to a high grade control before the processing of the drink begins.

Only quality ingredients from the farm are used on the journey to getting Afrimalt to the consumer. This is a sure way in enjoying a soft drink that tastes fantastic but without any alcoholic content.
All Afrimalt beverages are 100% alcohol free and great for all ages. Due to our superior brewing techniques and pasteurisation system we preserve the natural goodness of our selected malts.
When it comes to refreshment in a healthy way, Afrimalt takes the crown! Afrimalt has a 100% natural taste as it does not contain harmful chemical preservatives and it does not go through the usual fermentation processes that beers have to go through.
However, it retains the natural sugars, vitamins and healthy minerals that ensure you have an energy filled experience whenever you drink it.
It works perfectly as a thirst quencher during any occasion and it also works well as an easily digestible side beverage when taking meals.
Afrimalt beverages are high in antioxidants – which are an important nutritional factor due to their ability to protect the body against certain types of cancers, cardiovascular disease, cataracts, arthritis, diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease.

Why drink Afrimalt?

For those people who do not wish to consume alcohol but still want to enjoy malt drink. Afrimalt tastes just as good as the alcoholic malts but it contains more health benefits.  People drink malt drinks because they enjoy a cold refreshing, great tasting drink that has been passed down from generation to generation.

Where to buy

Afrimalt® is a unique and refreshing non-alcoholic malt drink. It is packaged in a 500ml can. It is for those who want to have a choice drink that will let them blend into any occasion. Afrimalt is a perfect refreshment beverage for all ages and all walks of life. If you are interested in stocking Afrimalt then send us a message through our contact us form, or buy a case of 24 cans here for only £30.00

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